Top 15 Bombinhas Tourist Points

Top 15 Bombinhas Tourist Points

Do not forget to book your holiday itinerary in Bombinhas.

Like Holiday in Bombinhas is great, and it's even better when you have a road map programmed for the days you'll be in the county. We separate some important points of Bombinhas so that you can put together your own touristic itinerary.

1-) Monkey Hill

This is the best known tourist spot of Bombinhas, the walk begins at the end of Canto Grande Beach (Mar de Dentro), is an ecological trail of moderate difficulty with several break points for rest and energy replacement, enjoying a view. FANTASTIC for the enchanted peninsula.

The trail is very busy, there are many people coming and going. If you prefer to enjoy the walk more quietly, choose a less busy time, such as from 16:00 hours.

The tour is very worth it!

Pontos Turísticos em Bombinhas
Pontos Turísticos Morro do Macaco
Morro do Macaco em Bombinhas


2-) Viewpoint Eco 360º

For those who seek the best view of Bombinhas, but do not want to face the ascent of the Monkey Hill, the 360 ° Eco Viewpoint is the option. In the Mirante you arrive by the access to Praia da Tainha that can reach the beginning of the trail by car, and with only 15 minutes walk you are already at the highest point of Bombinhas. Besides enjoying a great view you do not have to make as much effort to get to the lookout.

You can enjoy the trail itself, and also a zip line that joins the highest point to a lower hill, passing through a valley with a breathtaking view of the ocean and the city.

Mirante ECO 360 Bombinhas
Mirante em Bombinhas
Pontos Turísticos  Mirante ECO 360


3-) Coastal of Zimbros

A touristic point that can not miss in its script is the Coastal of Zimbros, by its beauty and its exuberant nature this trail gains prominence in Bombinhas. Right at the beginning you will find Praia do Cardoso, a beach where you can stay in total privacy because of having nothing built and no movement of people coming and going. After starting the walk you will find two totally deserted beaches, with crystal clear waters and white sand. The walk is of moderate difficulty and easy access, taking an average of 1 hour to reach Praia Triste.

In Praia Triste you find an indescribable waterfall in the middle of nature, there you enjoy to the maximum the good energies that this little corner has to offer you.

zimbros  bombinhas
trilha de zimbros  bombinhas
costeira de zimbros  bombinhas


4-) Sepultura Trail

This trail starts right after Sepultura Beach, access is easy and the walk is very quiet, you will enjoy the nature and the landscapes that this point has to offer you. It has a duration of 30 minutes to reach the end of the trail, besides enjoying the walk in the middle of nature, has two deserted beaches and a natural pool where you can enjoy the natural beauties of Bombinhas.

Trilha Praia da Sepultura em Bombinhas2
Praia da Sepultura em Bombinhas
Sepultura  Bombinhas
Trilha da Praia da Sepultura em Bombinhas


5-) Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve

Dive lovers, this is the ideal place to enjoy a good scuba diving. For divers it is a sensational area with excellent visibility of 25 meters deep. You can see seahorses, squids, turtles and many other marine life.

As a historical and natural heritage, the reserve is closed for visits, and IBAMA is the body that controls the tours in the region. The marine beauties can be checked in the vicinity of Arvoredo Island, the only part where diving is allowed and with a limited number of 20 people per day.

mergulho em bombinhas
pontos turísticos de bombinhas
ilha do arvoredo em bombinhas


6-) Praia do Ribeiro

This small beach, only 120 meters long, is located in the middle of the beaches of Bombas and Bombinhas. Praia do Ribeiro is surrounded by an exuberant nature and native vegetation, for lovers of snokerling this is the ideal place to enjoy a good swim and enjoy the crystal clear waters. Because it is a beach with moderate access difficulty, many tourists end up leaving the city without knowing this natural beauty, the tip is to put in your itinerary and go enjoy this destination.

Praia do Ribeiro em Bombinhas
Praia do Ribeiro Bombinhas
Pontos Turisticos  Praia do Ribeiro


7-) Praia do Cação

This beach is only 64 meters long and is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. The sea has calm and translucent waters. Access to Praia do Cação is done by a trail that starts at Praia da Tainha or by boat. It is a great option for those looking for privacy and a lot of silence throughout the day.

Bombinhas  Praia do Cação
Praia do cação  pontos turísticos
Praia do cação em Bombinhas


8-) Praia do Caeté

Praia do Caeté is a small beach that is just after Praia do Atalaia, access to this beach is difficult, having to walk through the rocks until reaching the destination. The walk takes around 30 minutes from Mariscal Beach, it is a place where you will hardly find people during the trip.

Bombinhas  Pontos turísticos
Praia do caeté em Bombinhas (2)
Praia do caeté em Bombinhas
Praia em Bombinhas  Caeté


9-) Atalaia Beach

Atalaia Beach is located next to the Mariscal Beach. With approximately 240 meters, this beautiful and cozy beach is one of the best in Bombinhas. Usually receives a good number of tourists during the high season, being much sought after also by surfers. Its crystal clear waters feature waves suitable for surfing and water activities. It is a good option for a nice day at the beach, whether for relaxing, playing sports or taking a refreshing sea bath. It has a spacious strip of fine golden sand, the sea is choppy, with good waves and transparent waters, very conducive to bathing and practicing sports.

Praia em Bombinhas  Atalaia
Praia do Atalaia em Bombinhas
Atalaia Bombinhas Praia


10-) Four Island Trail

This is one of the trails that few people know in Bombinhas, is a great walk to the coast of Quatro Ilhas that leaves at Praia do Mariscal, passing by Caeté Beach and Atalaia Beach.

It takes an average of 1 hour to walk, with several rest points and stunning natural landscapes.

Praia de Quatro Ilhas  Bombinhas
4 ilhas bombinhas pontos turisticos
Praia de 4 ilhas em Bombinhas


11-) Praia da Lagoinha

Located next to Prainha, Lagoinha is a natural swimming pool, ideal for bathing and diving. It has two tidbits that makes the day of leisure even more complete. Access is through the warehouse or the grave street, descending the beach by Restaurant Recanto in Bombinhas.

Lagoinha em Bombinhas Praia
Praia da Lagoinha em Bombinhas
Praia em Bombinhas  Lagoinha


12-) Bombinhas Footbridge

The Passarela de Bombinhas is the place where tourists access Prainha, Praia do Embrulho and Praia da Lagoinha, walking along the catwalk has some points that you can observe the sea turtles during the trip and a great view of Bombinhas Beach.

Passarela em Bombinhas
Passarela Lagoinha


13-) Four Islands Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bombinhas. It is surrounded by natural beauties around, there are hills of the Atlantic Forest and, in front, one of the most limpid seas that can be found in the State of Santa Catarina. It has Bars, Pubs and Restaurants of the most diverse types. The four islands, which gave it the name of the neighborhood: Welsh, Deserta, Macuco and Arvoredo, which make up the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve. Four Islands is ideal for surfing and super sought after by young people during high season.

4 Ilhas Bombinhas  Praia
Cuatro Islas en Bombinhas Playa
Praia de Quatro Ilhas em Bombinhas


14-) Sepultura Beach

This beach is not to be missed in its itinerary, is located 15 minutes from the Bombinhas Center, with a small strip of sand ideal to go snorkeling or scuba diving. Here you will find a lot of native vegetation with incredible water quality that can be compared to the Caribbean.

Praia da sepultura em Bombinhas
Praia da Sepultura
Sepultura em Bombinhas  Praia

15-) Sad Beach

After a trail to get to Triste Beach, there are no words to describe this tranquil and beautiful paradise. The beach is very quiet, clear water, refreshing air and with an incredible look. For those who like to just be in the sand and contemplate the nature is very interesting. The length of the trail to reach this beach is an average of 40 minutes, passing by Praia do Cardoso and Praia Vermelha.

Praia Triste Bombinhas
Praia Triste em Bombinhas

Now that you know what the best tourist spots in Bombinhas are, it is worth to put together a script and follow during the days of your vacations.

See an aerial shot of the Sepultura Beach in Bombinhas

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